[joern-users] Version 0.3 released!

Fabian Yamaguchi fyamagu at gwdg.de
Fri Jul 25 21:58:12 CEST 2014


Joern-0.3 has just been released! This release fixes bugs and introduces
a lot of new code analysis tools in joern-tools. You can download the
new version here:


The following is a summary of the most important changes and additions
made for this release:

* Plotting tools

These tools allow you to plot syntax trees, control flow graphs and
dependence graphs, as well as various mixtures of these representations.
Program slices can also be highlighted. For some examples, checkout the
following scribbles in the documentation:


Many thanks to Alwin Maier for these tools.

* A tool for similar function identification

I have created a version of our similar function detector presented at
Blackhat/WOOT [1] that works on top of Joern. See the following:


This version should scale well even to larger code bases. Please note,
that it does not yet implement the improvements made in our ACSAC
paper in 2012 [2].

* General purpose slicing tool

I have added a slicing tool for the shell that makes use of the
control dependence edges added by Alwin Maier in version 0.2.5, see:


* Fixes for the control flow graph

We have fixed various bugs in the control flow graph. Thanks to Khaled
Yakdan from the University of Bonn for reporting issues with the CFG!

* Fixes for DEF/USE analysis

Thanks to Machiry Aravind Kumar for reporting these bugs!

Have fun with the new release!

Fabian Yamaguchi


[1] http://user.informatik.uni-goettingen.de/~krieck/docs/2011-woot.pdf
[2] http://user.informatik.uni-goettingen.de/~fyamagu/pdfs/2012-acsac.pdf

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