[hpc-announce] Spark on the compute cluster

Boehme, Christian Christian.Boehme at gwdg.de
Thu Feb 23 14:09:17 CET 2017

Dear all,

we have  made Spark available on the compute cluster:

Spark on the compute cluster

The data analytics framework *Spark*[1] is now available on the compute cluster. Please note that, so far, we have only done very limited testing. Please report issues to *support at gwdg.de*.


Spark requires Java 8, so besides the Spark module itself, you also have to load the Java 8 module:
module load JAVA/jdk1.8.0_31 spark

Using the Spark shell

In order to use the interactive Spark shell you can submit the `lsf-spark-shell.sh` command to the interactive queue:
bsub -I -q int -R "span[ptile=16]" -n 32 lsf-spark-shell.sh
This example will create 32 Spark workers on two hosts (16 workers each).

Submitting a Spark application as a batch job

For submitting Spark applications as batch job you can use the `lsf-spark-submit.sh` command. The general format is:
bsub <bsub_options> lsf-spark-submit.sh <spark-submit_options>
For example, to execute the *SimpleApp* application from the Spark Quick Start guide [2], you can use the following submission script:
#BSUB -n 32,48 
#BSUB -R span[ptile='!']
#BSUB -R same[model]
#BSUB -q mpi 
#BSUB -o simple.%J
lsf-spark-submit.sh --class "SimpleApp" simple-project_2.11-1.0.jar largetextfile.txt
This will start 32 to 48 Spark workers (depending on availability) on two hosts.

[1] http://spark.apache.org/
[2] http://spark.apache.org/docs/latest/quick-start.html

Best regards

Christian Boehme

Dr. Christian Boehme
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